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We have over twenty years combined experience in the automotive industry, and have grown up with a wrench in my hand. I'm your friendly, neighborhood technician for the budget minded individual, with you and your family's safety in mind.

Cities Served: Conroe TX, The Woodlands TX, Aldine TX, Pinehurst TX, Cleveland TX, Magnolia TX, Cut and Shoot TX, Willis TX, Humble TX, Panorama Village TX, Splendora TX, Spring, TX

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We was referred to this shop by a friend, and have no desire to go elsewhere after my first few visits. We came in with a new-to-me used vehicle that had a laundry-list of problems, wanting to get it as tip-top as I could. Where most mechanics would have had dollar signs in their eyes...here I got a relaxed, no-nonsense style; whatever needs done, it won't get sugar-coated OR played up for extra repairs. That's true professionalism, IMHO. His prices are more than fair, you can tell he shops around for his parts to get you the best deal possible. He's great about helping you prioritize fixes and stay on top of preventative maintenance, also- being totally honest about what can wait and what can't, and as an owner of older vehicles on a budget, that's a huge must-have for me. Charlie has a great business model going- treat people right, do the repairs right, and they come back... And start sending their friends and family. We are really happy to finally have found a mechanic that is both knowledgeable and trustworthy, which is something we haven't been able to say in awhile. This is one of those shops that once you find, you feel like you've been let in on a well-kept secret...but one We don't mind sharing, because We wish everyone had a mechanic like this. The only con We have is as a one-man-shop, sometimes We can't get in to see him as fast as We'd like, but it's always worth the wait. True story, somebody needs to start cloning this guy.
L. L. Satisfied Client
Very honest mechanic with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Diagnosed issues and gave accurate and honest appraisals prior to work. Was terrific about giving opinions on part costs and what he recommended, but was fine with whatever you chose. Have always done a terrific job. Certainly our only mechanic now! Definitely recommended.
Roy W. , Satisfied Client
I stopped going anywhere else. I have a late model F150 with the usual problems a truck like that would have with as many miles as we have on it. He was honest and told me what needs to be fixed and what doesn't have to be. Gave me lots of options to make me happy. To this day my truck runs like a champ. Thanks Charlie!
Duke L., Satisfied Client